Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome to the Back Iron

It's a somewhat depressing time to be a college basketball fan.

There's the NBA forcing players to come to school that have no interest in staying beyond one year (and usually, no interest in winning a championship as a result). There's the football-driven realignment apocalypse that has threatened teams with ludicrous road trips like Piscataway, New Jersey to Fort Worth, Texas to Tampa, Florida. There are technological advances that allow coaches to keep toeing the line of acceptable and unacceptable contact with recruits, occasionally at the coach's own peril.

But, at the end of it all, there's March.

There are games that matter.

There's an event that allows for the possibility (slim though it may be in many cases) of every team in the country being part of the action and a potential national champion. This stands in stark contrast to football, whose system mandates that half of its teams are already wasting their time before the season even begins.

Even the vehement debates over who got left out of the NCAA Tournament add to the fun of the event, unless it's your team that got snubbed (it's okay, Blacksburg, your day will someday come).

So, I inaugurate this new blog with the hope that I can entertain college basketball fans and remind them that their pleas for sanity in college sports are not being completely drowned out by the drunken yahoos camping outside the football stadium.

Let's talk some roundball.

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