Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Couple of Shameless Plugs, If I May

First off, nothing but love to CollegeBasketballTalk's Troy Machir for adding TBI to the #NBCMustFollow College Hoops Directory. Right now, he's the only person I know cooler than Jim Boeheim, who coaches in sunglasses.

Secondly, I put together a couple of Purdue-related stories for Bleacher Report over the weekend. When I'm not opining here, you can find me there. Here's the full portfolio so far.

A recap of the opening loss to Bucknell can be found here.

A piece on the pissed-off Boilers crushing Hofstra right here.

Check back tomorrow for the inaugural #TBIronMen list from the season's opening weekend. That will become a weekly fixture, calling out the players who had the hottest full weeks (or weekends, in this case).

The other weekly fixture will be coming in the next couple of days. Poll Dancing is my take on the AP and ESPN polls, comparing them to my own top 25 rankings.

Stick around and tell your friends to swing by.

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