Saturday, December 28, 2013

Poll Dancing: TBI's Official Top 25 College Basketball Rankings (Dec. 23 Edition)

NOTE: The rankings are presented without comment this week, thanks to Christmas, the birth of my second daughter and a couple of days of single parenting of my first daughter. Normal programming should resume next week. Hit me up on Twitter if you have comments or complaints.

It was a really rough week for the bottom end of the Dec. 16 Poll Dancing ballot. This week's Faceplants really earned it, putting up results about as ugly as the picture to the left. (Hey, you know you've wondered what Santa does with himself the other 11 months of the year. Sorry for the disillusionment.)

Just before I began writing this post, St. Mary's punched their ticket to the gutter by losing an ugly game to South Carolina in Honolulu. The Gaels spent 40 minutes producing the kind of sloppy execution rarely seen unless some schmuck explodes in the electric chair.

Missouri's loss to Illinois wasn't terribly shameful, but when you're No. 25, there's no margin for error. Someone's always charging up from behind.

As for Gonzaga, it lost to Kansas State, which lost to Northern Colorado to start the season. If you want to get transitive, that's pretty ugly, even though UNC has been better than expected (No. 154 on this week's BII). GU will perpetually hang around in this grey area all season, winning enough to stay on the radar, but never getting the kind of sexy wins that will move it up and out of harm's way.

Read on after the jump to see who's replacing these three at our exclusive 25-guest party.

Bubbling Under: LSU, Harvard, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma

25. Florida State (LW NR)

24. Minnesota (LW NR)

23. North Carolina (LW 20)

22. San Diego State (LW NR)

21. Colorado (LW 21)

20. Iowa (LW 22)

19. Memphis (LW 18)

18. UMass (LW 17)

17. Kentucky (LW 16)

16. Baylor (LW 19)

15. Kansas (LW 15)

14. Iowa State (LW 13)

13. Florida (LW 14)

12. UConn (LW 7)

11. Oregon (LW 12)

10. Louisville (LW 11)

9. Wichita State (LW 10)

8. Duke (LW 9)

7. Michigan State (LW 8)

6. Wisconsin (LW 5)

5. Villanova (LW 6)

4. Syracuse (LW 3)

3. Oklahoma State (LW 4)

2. Ohio State (LW 2)

1. Arizona (LW 1)

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